No one likes a cheater. Thesis writing agencies help you cheat. They are like steroid dealers for professional athletes. But, some students suck and can’t handle honest work. If that’s you, then keep these 7 things in mind before giving up on yourself.

    1. It is plagiarism, and will get you serious trouble. Lying to your instructor about who wrote your paper is considered passing off someone else’s work as your own. All colleges and universities have a rule against this, and expel students who break it. Kiss college life goodbye.
    2. It hurts sexual attractiveness. This is more true for men than women. Women want to sleep with men who are smart and hardworking, whereas some men like dating women with small brains. If you hire a thesis writing agency, as you give them your payment, as you wait for it to be written, and as you turn it in, remember that you are hurting your chances of attracting your preferred partners.
    3. You will lose respect. Your family will be disappointed. Your employer won’t value you. And, if you are caught, social media will tear you apart. We are told not to care about the opinions of others, but shouldn’t we? Life is hard without the respect of others. People will not do us favors without wanting something in return. Do yourself a favor: be respectable.
    4. Bad habits are parasites. The more you plagiarise, the more of a stranglehold cheating will have. Your partner may have to end your relationship or your family feel ashamed before you get the strength to break free of the habit.
    5. It makes you dumb. School is for learning. Spending all that money on education without getting what you’ve paid for is foolish. Paying a thesis agency to help you be foolish is moronic. What if someone bought overpriced concert tickets, then paid someone to go in their place? Don’t be dumb.
    6. Your children will make life hard. We pass down behaviors to our children. You probably have behaviors that your parents had when they were young, and your children will probably have behaviors that you have now. If you are willing to cheat now, then your children will be willing to cheat later, and will say to you, “If cheating was good enough for you it’s good enough for me”.
    7. Thesis writing agencies hire uninformed freelancers at low wages and keep the money for themselves.  How do I know? Because I worked as a freelance writer for a short time, until someone offered to hire me to write papers for students. They pay shit compared to how much money they charge. 

Don’t ruin your life.

The End.