Feel pushed around?

Some people like to create conflict. They have conflict inside of them, and they want conflict to be inside of you.

But, only you can create what is inside of you, and what is inside of you, you will create. If there is conflict inside of you, then your life will be thrown into conflict. To protect your self from being thrown into conflict you must stay strong, and also adapt and be flexible. When you are pushed, you must keep your balance.

To be balanced is to be centered. When you are centered you are whole; one with your self. To be whole you must reconcile opposites. When opposites are reconciled, they unite in the center. When the center unites opposites, then you are balanced.

Living a balanced life allows more power over it. If you avoid leaning towards an extreme, then your life cannot be easily pushed into one. Being uneasily pushed into an extreme will irritates some into challenging your balance, and they will push harder. The way to maintain balance is not to push back. Pushing back will make them believe you are their opponent; they will push you harder, or quickly pull you, or step aside and watch you fall off balance. Pushing back communicates that you believe they are a threat. Believing they are a threat means believing they have power over you. If you believe they have power over you, then they do, and they can easily push you off balance.

So, the way is not to push back. The way is to remain balanced.

The objective is not to be hard and unmovable. Being hard communicates that you fear change; that you believe change is a threat. If you believe change is a threat, then it is, and it can easily push you off balance.

So, the way is to be balanced, and allow yourself to change.

The objective is not to change, unless you change to become balanced. If the objective was to change, then anyone who wanted to push you off balance could command that you change, and you would change. They would have power over you.
Therefore, to live, the way is not to change, and the way is not to be hard. The way is to reconcile the opposites of change and hardness to become whole, to become centered, to become balanced. The way is balanced. This will allow you power over your life.