There is something worth living for.

And it is very simple.

We just need to turn a tiny bit in the right direction.

If a man does not know where he is going, then he won’t get there.

The four masculine archetypes described by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung are deeply subconscious images of manhood that, when made conscious and applied to his life, will turn a man into the direction he intends to go.

Symbolic Space: Kingdom

Emblem: Sceptre

The King is the archetype of unity and order. He is the ordered unification of the warrior, lover, and magician archetypes, and also orders their unification. The King exists unto himself, and also with his archetypes. The united and ordered archetypes are him, and also come forth from him. The man who is united and ordered with the King is balanced and whole. The image he projects is precisely and authentically the image of the King.

Whereas the magician seeks an understanding, the lover a partner, and the warrior a purpose, the King seeks nothing. The man united and ordered with the King has understanding, partnership, and purpose, and is content to be. He keeps his archetypes as gifts from the King, and he keeps them by returning them to the King.

When this man accepts the King as a gift, then the man is transformed into the image of the King. He is not the King, but represents him. To accept King energy is a great honor and a great responsibility.

The man who accepts and integrates King energy is whole. His personal growth does not change who he is. It is who he is.

men masculine king warrior lover magician archetype diamond

The Shadow Kings

Each archetype has two versions that are imbalanced copies of the true form. They are opposites of one another; one is extroverted or active, and the other is introverted or passive. Carl Jung calls these forms “shadows”.

The King’s shadows are the tyrant and the weakling. The tyrant seeks to dominate others, takes rather than gives, and hates rather than loves. When people fear a man who copies the King, it is the tyrant they fear. No one whose conscience is clear fears the true King, except for the weakling. The weakling carries the responsibilities of the King, but abdicates his power. He fears failure, confrontation, and rejection. People neither respect the weakling nor consent to him holding the King’s responsibilities. A man with this shadow seeks approval, and hates himself for not receiving it.

The True King

The man who represents the true King has unified archetypes, balanced with one another, and patterned to be simultaneously ordered and dynamic. Their pattern is the manner in which they manifest in his life. Their orderly pattern provides a man with character, integrity, stability, and structure. Their dynamism liberates a man to be fluid, adaptable, flexible, and spontaneous. The man integrates all things good and true, and is one.

He is authoritative without being authoritarian, understands without being arrogant, is sensitive without losing control, and fights without seeking harm. He loses with dignity, cautions against pain without fearing it, and acknowledges his errors with humility; in so doing these, he never fails to lead.

Because of the power he represents, boys, girls, men, and women seek from him blessing, approval, and acceptance. They wish to be seen by the King–noticed, recognized, and looked upon.

To be seen is to be special. To be seen is to be loved. To be seen is to be real.

Thus, sons must be accepted by their fathers, and daughters treasured. Girlfriends must be wanted by their boyfriends, and wives loved by their husbands. Verily, other kings are owed honor.

This man is fertile, and delivers the King’s power to the extent that he holds it without holding onto it. Just as the true King is manifested and reflected in the man, so also the man housing King energy is manifested and reflected in the world. How the man goes, the world goes. If this world begins to die, then the man must begin live. This man can never be the perfect King, yet only a people who perfectly serve a perfect King will live in a perfect Kingdom. Read more…

Suggested Reading: The King Within: Accessing the King in the Male Psyche, by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette