by Grandma Hazel Kubicki


So many miles divide us now,

So many fields of green.

So many roads, so many towns

         Are scattered in between.

It seems as though I never could

         Reach out and touch your hand

Although we two are still within

         The border of this land.


So many fences, woods and streams

        Appear to bar the way.

And every hour multiplies

         The slowness of the day.

And each night when I look up

         And see the starry sky

I know that you are waiting, too

         For time to wander by.


And to each little silver star

         I throw a kiss or two

And hope that they will hear me pray

         And drop them down to you.


I think about you often

         And I’d write you every day,

But there is so very little

         That seems worthwhile to say

It either rains or doesn’t rain,

         It’s either hot or cold;

The news is all uninteresting

         Or else it’s all been told.


I think about the way you smile

         And as I recall your touch

The distance lends enchantment

         And I miss you very much.

The only thing that matters

         Is the fact that you are there

And I am here without you

         And it’s lonesome everywhere.