Anti-intellectualism is infesting the Left.

Despite scientific evidence that education reduces violence, on March 14, hundreds of school officials and thousands of students participated in National School Walkout. The purpose of National School Walkout was to protest gun violence at school. The method of protest was to walk out of school during school hours, also known as ‘ditching’. Thus, left-wing students and school officials reduced education as a method of decreasing gun violence at school.

Here are three examples of left-wing adults advocating a reduction in education, and one example of left-wing students advocating an increase in violence during National School Walkout:

On March 14, High School senior Jacob Shoemaker was told he could either participate in the National School Walkout, or attend study hall. His teacher had ditched class due to the protest, but Jacob chose to remain and do work. Upon his teacher’s return, Jacob was discovered safe and unharmed. Nevertheless, he was suspended from two days of education for “not following instructions” to leave class. The school claimed that he could have been harmed by being alone in class for an hour, so they harmed him by denying him two days of education.

In Los Angeles, police and school officials agreed with 200-400 students that they had the right to refuse an education. Students walked out of school, and were joined by adults as a show of support. No students were punished for ditching.

Irrationality is not limited to high school officials. At the University of Missouri in Kansas City, some students were intending on protesting at 10 am. A history teacher planned on starting class late due to the possibility that some of his students would be late to his 10 am class.

The organization that originated the protests believes that ditching class empowers youth, specifically girls.

Compare these left-wing behaviors to the behavior at an Arkansas school. Three students who walked out of an education to protest violence were given two options as punishment: a paddlin’ or a suspensionin’. All three students chose to receive a paddlin’, an act of violence in school, whilst expressing a desire to be safe from violence in school. Many leftists online expressed anger that students were reprimanded for ditching class. One student even confessed the inconsistency between choosing to receive violence after protesting the very thing chosen. The school claimed these students were reprimanded for ditching class for 17 minutes, not for their political views. Although the school should not have even considered suspending the students (forcing students to be absent from school as a punishment for their absence is irrational), at least the punishment was for leaving class rather than attending class.

In all of these cases, students who were not suspended returned to class that same day. Even though no new laws had been passed, they believed their level of safety increased immediately after the protest.

It is irrational to suspend a student if that student has not significantly interfered with the education of another student, because to suspend a student is to deny that student an education, and providing education is the sole purpose of a school. It is not irrational to protest gun violence outside school hours. The Left’s counterargument is that attending protests during school hours teaches students more about civic engagement than attending protests beyond school hours. That is how the Left reasons, and they want control over everyone’s education.