The masculine archetypes are represented by the diamond: simple, ordered, and sharply angled. The feminine roles are expressed via the flower–soft, curved, and dynamic. The feminine roles move counterclockwise to signify women’s connection with the past, and the masculine archetypes are ordered clockwise to signify men’s connection with the future. When the opposites of feminine and masculine are one, then the past and future unite…in the present.


Now is the time to be attentive.


The Earth is in the center to signify both the entrance of masculinity into the feminine and the diversity within the feminine. Earth is diverse. She experiences cycles. These cycles are her emotions. These emotions are weather, terrain, life, and the harmonious movements of these. There is anger in a storm, sorrow in a desert, and arousal in the night. Her animals are wild, her spin is a dance, and her nature is creative. Her exterior is soft, but her interior can be hard. All the living things are the relationships that both affect and are affected by her experiences, and Earth as Mother cares for them.


The Earth is feminine, but embedded with the masculine. The four cardinal directions are used for exploration and navigation through space; space is the domain of the masculine and time is the domain of the feminine. Men keep safe the three dimensions of space by guarding physical boundaries, and women keep alive the dimension of time by sharing it and wanting men to share it with them. Men want their space, and women want their time.


The masculine brings violence and harshness into the Earth, and this destructive quality of the Earth is constructive to new life. There is dirt and stone–ugly and bland, but supportive and stable. There are waters acting as the wombs of the Earth. Without dirt and stone, these waters have no foundation, and without life generated by the waters, dirt and stone have no purpose. Thus, the feminine and the masculine of the Earth serve each other.


In this flower model lives a union of opposites. The masculine is held within the feminine, and the feminine surrounds the masculine. He is her center, and she is his world. Together, they are the center of the world.


Man as ruler of space also guards the outer side of it, protecting the treasure inside. Woman, being inside, is familiar with what is within. The feminine is more aware of life within, and the masculine more aware of the life without. Men are comfortable with their bodies, and women are comfortable with their hearts.  


Because his strength is with his body and her strength is with her heart, then he is vulnerable with his heart and she is vulnerable with her body. Thus, she houses his heart and he keeps her body. Where a man’s property exists in space and so he keeps it, a woman’s relationships exist in time and so she holds them. The experience of space exists outside us, and the experience of time exists inside us. A man who is ruler of space is familiar with the outer, and a woman who is ruler of time is familiar with the inner. Since this man is master of the outer life, he needs woman–master of the inner–to nurture his inner life. Since this woman is master of the inner life, she needs man–master of the outer–to guard her outer life. A man is vulnerable inside, and gives his inside–his vulnerable heart–to a woman. A woman is vulnerable outside, and gives her outside–her vulnerable body–to a man. This is how they share both their weakness and their power; they both give to the other the power over them. The man shares his weakness with the woman, giving her the power to break his heart. The woman shares her weakness with the man, giving him the power to break her body. By offering their weakness, they surrender power. By surrendering their power to one another, to one another they empower.


The Earth


The mother is the earth that supports the child, and the father is the sun that warms her. The earth receives his love. Her body is warmed by his power, and the love he gives moves the air between them, which is the breath of their union. The power of his love and the warmth of her body call into creation the children who have roots in the earth and look to the power of the sun. There is only one Sun and one Mother.


The crown on the Earth represents her relationship with the King. The crown is pink to signify the purity of the virgin, and is contained within the mother petal to signify growth from virgin princess through union with the masculine into queen mother.


The Moon as Former Earth


The Grandmother as Moon looks on, having relinquished her role as creator of life while providing insight to a woman in her dark moments. If the Moon was created long ago by a separation from the Earth, then indeed, the Mother gives birth to the Grandmother; the act of a woman giving birth simultaneously creates a grand mother.